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In this blog, I hope to discover via rapport with film buffs all over the world why some films (movies) highly recommended or awards nominated or awards winner are not actually that good to me.
I am a professional pianist, guitarist, composer, arranger and orchestrator from Paraguay, and have been a movie buff for almost half a century.

domingo, 3 de noviembre de 2013

"Gravity"...speaking of bad films

I have been watching VHSs first, and DVDs later until now, during the last 30 years or so.  After quite some time I went to the movies to watch the 3-D "Gravity" film.

The looks of the film is stunning, and it makes you wonder in the very moment "...how did the Director and his crew actually *DO* such and such scene..".  However, the movie itself is unbelievably poor.  What is going on with script writers these days (since around year 2000)?.  Why, why, why is always-grinning-faced Clooney in this movie? (SPOILER: He shows for about 8 minutes or so, and *anyone* could have played the dumb role).

Ms Bullock looks great and super fit.  But...acting?.  Well, there's not much to grasp to deliver a strong performance since the whole dialogue in the whole film lasts probably around 20 minutes or so.  And it is a very poor dialogue at that.

Once you leave the theater there is nothing, nothing left, except for the 3-D glasses you have to give back.

miércoles, 2 de octubre de 2013

"Measuring height by connecting clocks" http://feedly.com/k/19YKN5x

sábado, 26 de febrero de 2011

El discurso del Rey

La película "El Discurso del Rey", un film sin sexo, sin violencia, sin persecuciones de autos, sin disparos, sin drogas, es una obra maestra.  Las grandes actuaciones de Firth y Rush deberían ganar los premios de la Academia.  La dirección, impecable.  El guión y su rigor histórico, impecable.  El vestuario y decorado/puesta en escena en general, de primera.

Es por lejos (para mí) la mejor de las películas que disputan el Oscar de mañana, domingo 27 de febrero de 2011.  No se la pierdan.

viernes, 22 de enero de 2010

Julia & Julie: Why so much nominated and awarded?

This film is a nice try by Ms Nora Ephron. Its best value is, of course, the fact that it is based on two books, themselves based on true stories. However, I found Ms Streep too caricaturesque, notwithstanding the fact that the real Julia Child was quite a histrionic character herself.

Mr Tucci (in the role of her diplomatic husband) is totally wasted. Stanlely Tucci is a great underrated actor (and sometimes director). However, he is simply wasted here due to the rather unattentive script by Ms Ephron.

Amy Adams is ok, but also overacted. Chris Messina's appearance is not worth discussing about. Just to compare (and I believe comparisons are actually the best way for non-expert evaluations, and not "hideous" as a known adagio suggests), I have also seen Merryl Strep and Alec Baldwin's formidable performances on anotheer film on a row. The latter film is mature, with lots of humor, simply impeccable performance by Meryl (as most of the time) and also by Alec.

When watching "Julia & Julie", in spite of being a film on cooking, I did not "sense" either the smell or taste as in other movies on cooking and food, mainly, the great German "Bella Martha" (later in a hideous remake with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Eckart!). Another great film is about a restaurant (I think "The Last Dinner"), probably the last film great Vittorio Gassman acted on.  In both these films you can almost smell and taste the food; but that's just embellishment...the films are great: Script, photography, direction, acting.

domingo, 30 de agosto de 2009

Why such awful movies these days?

I have been a film buff for about 40 years now. I am a professional composer, arranger and orchestrator and have written some minor stuff for the movies.

I have just seen (or, rather, tried to) two AWFUL movies:

1. "Management". With Jennifer Aniston and Stve Zahn. Cute Jennifer is, after all, a non-too-clever gal. She is one of the producers of this awful, hard-to-believe, charmless and totally unlaughable film. My question is....why? Why on earth would someone average intelligent want to invest on a script such as this?. And even if the script were top-notch...Steve Zahn???
SPOILER: I know Woody Harrelson is somewhere in the movie, but could not watch it until then. It's too unseeable for me.

2. "Camille". Sienna Miller is a very good actress, and very pretty. However, she (nor James Franco) could save this AWFUL conception. Prune-like face-wrinkled (great) Scott Glenn could not, neither. The idea is not too bad, for a magic realism film. The actual presentation, however, is simply unbearable!. Poor old late David Carradine looks like he begged "...please give me a job, give me this part..."

The film tries to gives us the "...I don't care for and hate you..." surface male personna, however noble, romantic and in love deep within guy. Using a very, very poor metaphor on a gone love, the script and the film just gets messier and messier as it develops. The end -- maybe foreseen -- is just too corny!.